About the Blog

Every day, in every part of the world, events occur and issues surface that demand a focus on communication. No matter the time of day, or night, someone is trying to explain something to someone, someone is trying to persuade someone to a point of view, someone is hoping to divert attention, a few may even be trying to spin the truth. In every profession, in every organization, how people communicate is as fundamental as running water and reliable electricity. It is essential.

Yet just because we recognize the presence of communication doesn’t mean we know how to communicate. And no matter how effective we may be today, tomorrow will present a whole new set of challenges. Communication is so fragile, so easy to do poorly, so difficult to describe, so simple to recognize when experienced.

And that’s why I started this blog. Any of us, no matter what work we do, will be more effective and successful the tighter we focus on how we communicate. There’s no better way to learn than to simply observe, listen and experience how people, organizations and nations around us connect with each other through words and actions. What we see when we look at the world, through a communicator’s view, can teach us everything we need to know about the essentials of communication.

This blog is a daily view of what’s happening in the world from a communications perspective. In some ways, it’s as timely as the news of the minute, and as polarizing as the debate of the day. Because communication is a subjective experience. No two people agree when it happens, or what causes it to fall apart, or what it takes to be good at it. But nearly everyone agrees “they know it when they experience it” or some other rather empty expression.

Fact is, we knew we communicate because of what happens as a result, what gets done, what is cleared up, what relationships forge ahead, what events take over themselves. And, as a believer in results, I look forward to sharing observations in this blog of all the things that potentially get in the way.

Thanks for joining the view. We will look at, each day, the worlds of business and leadership, brand and media, as well as the future of our profession and what it takes to succeed in our profession. And through it all we will learn, again, how vital we are to a connected world, and what’s essential to making that difference.

I look forward to hearing from you,